How To Delete Swiggy Account India

This is the only way to delete Swiggy account online.

To Answer “how to delete swiggy account” 

It is recommended to get on your laptop or desktop instead of mobile.

The reason is it is more fast and comfortable compared to the small screen of 7 inches.

To delete a Swiggy account you need to email them at [email protected] This is the only way to connect with them.

Read below this only if you are more curious about deletion deactivation.

Steps to Delete Swiggy Account

You will get a list of Questions, search by doing control + f ‘delete’ or deactivate one by one.

In there you will find the email address.

how to delete swiggy account

Send an email to them. Do mention your phone number while sending an email to them.

As the registration on Swiggy is based on the phone number.

What is Account deletion vs Deactivation?

Swiggy allows you only to deactivate the account.

Deactivation : Your account won’t be visible, usable by you, or nothing can be done in that account. But the data, like your orders and everything else stays in the database. It does not get deleted.

There is a possibility of recovery.

There are many reason for it to store, like future references and data study.

Deletion: Your account is removed from database completely. There is not possibility of recovery.

Some pointers to note

How to delete your Swiggy account

Swiggy does not provide account deletion from the account section.

how to delete swiggy account

Its does not have any option to delete or deactivate the account from accounts section.

how to delete swiggy account

Experience of email vs IVR on swiggy.

They do not have IVR or any call number. For most of the queries, all the communication needs to be done via email.

As you may have observed while problems are in order you cannot call swiggy or the delivery person.

But can raise a request or complain only via chat. And that too when they are online. 

Last time when we ordered 4 dishes one was missing and the hotel said they sent it.

Thus we complained via chat and the response was “In the working hours we will get back to you”.

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