How To Write One Lakh On Cheque

Which one is correct lakh or lakhs?

As per the RBI guidelines, we should make use of spelling ‘Lakh’ only while writing on cheques or any financial instrument(pay in slips, withdrawals, etc).

How to write 2,50,000 on the cheque?

You should write, Two Lakh fisty thousand rupees only

For 2,52,000

Two lakh fifty-two thousand rupees only.

My personal experience Writing One Lakh on Cheque.

But I have personally used the spelling of lakhs as well and the banks do not have any objection to it.

How to write one lac?

Never use the spelling ‘Lac’ this is the sure way your cheque may not be processed.

This spelling has come into the picture in this internet era. It was never used or seen earlier.

One lakh rupees is nothing but 100 thousand rupees. In the USA the digits are used in a bit different manner.

We follow the UK way of writing and digits.

In most banks, it won’t matter whether you write lakhs of lakhs.
What matters is you write lakh on the cheque and not 100 thousand or something else. Which may be correct but not recognized by the banker or cashier.

Because 100 thousand is not recognized by most of the people in India.

Why do we use lakh?

We follow everything or all things are influenced by the British era. But our business is mostly with the USA.

We work in a British manner and behave in a USA manner in terms of finance.

Why do we write only after money amount in cheques or slips?

This suggests that the amount cannot be exceeded beyond the written value.

Also, it is a measure to secure the writing in words.

Example: We write 1,50,000 as One lakh fifty thousand

if only is not written then I can add to it as Nine hundred Ninety rupees.

You may say, but the amount in digits will not match the words. Yes.

But initially when cheques were used the amount could be edited with no sign or presence of the person who issued the cheque.

Later on when fraud, cheating started banks came up with these things. Although seems relevant they do play important role in securing the cheque.

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