Why Is My Phone So Slow | How To Get Your Phone Back To Its Full Speed

Slowing down your Phone is a new headache we have added to our lives. If you ask someone why it is Phone so slow, they give you generic answers which you may not like.

Sometimes the slowness is intermittent, and sometimes it’s gradually increasing. To find the cause why your Phone is so slow, we need to figure out what has been done in recent times on your Phone. And then we can finalize how to get your Phone back to its full speed

Background & Basics

Why Is My Phone So Slow

Decreasing storage

 improper use of apps

 battery deteriorating

 not being updated

 internet is the problem

The cover acts as a mask

Why do phones slow down over time?

Technology is changing and a rapid pace. So is all the mechanism which are supporting it. Similar is the case with your Phone.

 old iPhones do get sluggish as the change in Technology cannot be comprehended or incorporated into old phones

 When we say older phones, it is debatable because a cheap phone of $100 or $110 may get older in one year, whereas an expensive model from Android or iPhone may not get older in a year or two.

Other than that, every phone model is an older model in today’s date. If you want to get the best out of this particular Phone, then here are some things you can go ahead with.

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Did you restart your Phone?

 we are so much involved in our world that we seldom continue our Phone we always want the Phone to be turned on and only does get restarted when the charging goes off, and we never let go the charging of restarting a phone mostly solves most of the problems because it starts afresh

Memory & Apps

 memory is the key when it comes to the slowness of your Phone. If your memory is filled with all the junk apps and cache, your Phone may get sluggish regardless of whether it’s a new or old phone. If you cannot restart your Phone, try to kill all your apps in the background and are using them right now. Double click on the iPhone home button will allow you to eliminate all the apps and all Android. A simple swipe up will provide you with the option to remove all the background apps. Once you are done with this train, open an app that was very slow or laggy before and see the difference.

Phone Storage

 if the above solution did not work for you, then there might be a possibility that you have too many things in your phone storage. This is not about the RAM, which we call memory as well, but this is about the phone storage, which ranges from 32GB to 1TB as one in the new iPhones, so if you have a lot of movies for download which you are not using any more or your phone storage is nearing up of filling up to the extent then it is time to clear up the clutter phones physical memory is used in almost all operations and the read and writes speed depends on how empty the memory is it is always a good practice to keep 70% of your memory-filled and 30% open tried anything all the older files by going into File Explorer or try downloading apps which help you clean all the files.

Apps & Slowness

 not all apps are made equal most of the time; some apps which are not appropriately optimized for a particular model or a particular version of your operating system, then your Phone might get slow or even get overheated. Always download and use the apps with good reviews or at least 4.2 and above reviews and many downloads. This does not guarantee the best app, but this ensures a bit of safety in using the app because so many people may have many different phone models, and the app is working great for them, so it should work great for you. This is the thinking behind it. Secondly, if you are using live wallpaper or any apps that are regularly or continuously using phone resources, try stopping those apps. This app not only slows down your phone date take too much space in your cache or memory but also uses your IO, which is your Phone physical storage.

Updates and Patches

 have you missed an update or do you not update your Phone to the latest iOS version most of the time you may feel that there is nothing of your choice or nothing that can improve your day to day 4 news in the current update and that is the reason you may decide you do not want to update your current operating system whether it be iOS or Android now this may be seemed against the rule that us tour is getting full and the the updates are taking more and more space but mind will updates are no more than number1 sometimes there are they are in GP as well one and half GB but only when there is a significant change in your operating system updating these update given by the company are more important than any other apps or some other movies for probably songs which are kept on your mobile Phone these do not mention the bug fixes the performance fixes in detail yes they are available on the website but we do not read them but yes they do make an impact and help your Phone behave in a much better way

Another NOTE for SOme users: 

 if your Phone has a memory card installed in it, then there might be a possibility that the memory card is not keeping up with the phones pace of reading and writing, which means that you need a faster memory card, but before buying a speedier memory card to make sure that your Phone supports that more secured memory card

To figure out the actual problem remove the memory card and see how your Phone works. If it works faster than the memory card might be the problem.

 Wait, this is not the final thing. Get a faster memory card from your friend or the shopkeeper if you can and test it with your cell phone with all your data loaded onto it, and then too if it works faster than your memory card is the problem else memory card is not the problem

DO not do this:

 never try to open your Phone on your own by watching YouTube videos for step by step guides because they are doing it day in day out, and all these phones require very delicate hands and specialized instruments even you have one of them aur one of the instruments than to do not write opening at home it may damage the Phone permanently


 if you have tried all of these things and steal your Phone is lagging, you may need to perform of factory data reset. Only do this as the last option because factory reset will erase everything from your Phone. No one will be able to restore your Phone with all the data on it.

 A factory reset restores your Phone from your current settings to the original settings the factory had set while sipping the Phone to you when you bought it for the first time.

 If you can still figure out why your Phone runs slower, visit your nearest shop for some tech solution.

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