Why Isnt My Phone Charging USA | Iphone Not Charging Is The Question

A lot of people have a problem with their phones not charging. There are a few things to keep in mind when this happens to you so that you can fix the issue as soon as possible.

When we buy a new phone, we hardly check how the charging is done or how the charger behaves. We never concentrate on the connections or the main thing, which is the phone’s charging, and that’s ok everybody does that.

The phone has become such an essential element of life that it feels like it has become a biological component of our being

So whenever it does not behave the way we want, we get panicked and rush through thoughts. but before rushing through your thoughts and getting to the service center or rushing towards an electronic store, try these things, and then you will able to figure out what is your need

Here is a list of things when your Android phone or iPhone is not charging


Instead of finding another phone or terminal to find why my phone is not charging, the best way to fix all these software-based electronic things is to remove them.

In the Tech world, there was even a joke about Microsoft Windows that whenever something is not working as intended, you have to reboot the machine, and it solves the problem half of the time.

Simply restarting your phone will eliminate all the background applications and any software Glitch that might be possibly occurring then. There can be a possibility that that particular Glitch is not allowing the phone to be charged, and it has nothing to do with your battery or the way you have put it on your charger.

As we rarely switch off iPhone or even restart a phone that is a high possibility that there are still applications or junk inside the RAM of your phone or the processor is not optimal functioning, and restart solves all the above problems.

In all regular phones, to quickly reboot your phone when your phone is not charging, click on the power button or hold it for a moment. It will give you an option to restart the script option immediately and wait for a few seconds, and the problem should be solved.

Safe mode o-n

If you have been using Windows or any operating system, you may have noticed a safe mode that turns on the necessary things in the device.
Whether it be computer or Tablet.

Similar ways on Android phones and iPhones have a safe mode to turn on. During the safe mode, there is a lot less stress on the system, and we will be able to figure out what the problem is. Mind well; there will be no third-party apps loaded when you turn on the safe mode.

Now try and plug in your phone, and if the phone starts charging, we have a definite answer that a recently installed third-party app is responsible for this problem.

One thing you can do is try uninstalling all the recently installed apps. In your App Library in settings, you will be able to figure out which app was recently installed on your device.

Try installing them, and again, try to put your phone into normal mode and plug on the charger.

The safe mode provided in android and iphone a difference in the way it is activated. in most Android phones, you have to hold the power button and upper Limb ki or down arrow key ki at once aur for 10 seconds, and then you get this particular model.

Make sure to read about your safe mode activation for your phone model.

Switching time

If you are still wondering why my phone is charging, this might do the trick for you.

This is a pretty straightforward method in which you will narrow down the problem of my phone not charging. The first one is right to change the cables charging your phone. Mostly these cables are the culprit due to 90-degree curves on either end.

Secondly, you can change the charging port through which you are charging. If you are at an airport or on any Charging Dock used publicly, this might be the case for you.

This way, you can determine whether your cable is faulty or the charging socket is defective.

Now you can try one more thing: use your cable and plug it into your laptop or someone else’s USB connection of a computer. And if your phone starts charging, your charging unit might have a problem.

Clean time

There might be a high chance that you may have kept your phone somewhere, and it might have got some particles onto the charging port.

This does not necessarily mean your phone is dirty, but sometimes food scripts may go into the charging port, and they may block the charging connector.

This is a very sensitive matter, so make sure that you take your port delete gently.
Try not to put the dock with any of the pins or clips. First, make sure that there is an actual problem in the harbor and then take it out very diligently.

If you cannot see something clearly, try to use the torch on someone else’s phone and then try to see it.

An app install might help.

There is an app named a which helps figure out how much charge your phone is discharging or at what speed it is getting charged.

This is a tricky solution because if your phone is on the verge of dying, installing an app and figuring it out by drinking more battery is quite risky.

Install this app if 50% or 30% of a battery remains.

Did you have food

We seldom leave our phones anywhere regardless of whatever you ask you are doing.

If you were having food or even breakfast just before you started charging your phone, then make sure that your phone does not have water in the charging port.

This is a high chance that while having food from your liquid drink, the condensation water from your Kola may have entered the charging socket.

If that is the case, make sure you do not charge your phone. Try to find a warm place and try to keep it there.

If you are in an airport or a public place, try to find devices that are turned on, maybe displays or something similar to them. The EMIT some want out of them to keep your phone on those boards or whatever you want to call it so that gradually the water of the drops inside the charging port Mein vanish.

This is the best thing to do when you do not have the right hand on new.

If you are at home, then rice is the best option you can opt for this. Keep it in the Rise for a few hours 1 2 3 hours, and you should be good to go.

I got this technique of keeping the phones on warm objects from my Pendrive. In those days pen drives were quite expensive, and I left it in the washing machine and when it came out it was not getting detected I kept it on the CPU of my I giving engine which gets quite hotter and after one day I started I tried plugging in the USB drive and it still works today.

If nothing works

If all the above is not helping you, then I doubt they will be something which might help you. You can conclude that this is beyond any article on the Internet or any Reference Guide. You should undoubtedly Run a tour nearest the service center and let them figure out the rest.

Regardless of whether your phone is in warranty or not, the service center is the best place to show your phone. It does not have to be a company’s service center; you can go to some private service centers as well.

Do not do this

Do not try to open your phone at home even if you think you will be able to do it or watch a YouTube video of how to unlock a phone that is not charging.
This will not help you because the phone is a very delicate and highly sophisticated matter that is very hard to handle with your hands.

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